Tea and Coffee Sticks Machine

Tea Sticks: no more spoon, no more tea bag

Tea Sticks are the new and unique alternative to tea bags. This revolutionary new product combines tea bags and spoons, so consumers could drink tea anywhere. There are 1100 tiny, micro-perforated holes on each Stick to allow the tea to dissolve in the water.

Product images

Tea Sticks: sample Tea Sticks: sample in hot water Sample Tea Sticks and Coffee Sticks Product Tea Sticks in box Tea Sticks and Coffee Sticks Tea Sticks: Green Tea and Black Tea Coffee Sticks

Meet the Tea Sticks Machine

AMSY's "4ST80 Tea Sticks Machine" can produce up to 80 tea sticks per minute. Tea Sticks are produced on 4 lanes. The machine works from a roll of film. The film is cut into 4 lanes after which the Sticks are formed. Tea is filled into the Sticks by a volumetric dosing system, after which the Sticks are sealed and cut. The production parameters are adjustable on simple to use touch-screen display.

Machine images

Tea Sticks Machine Tea Sticks Machine


Service, technical support

AMSY provides full service and technical support for all of its equipments.